How old do girls need to be to start Girl Scouts?
By Girl Scouts Expert  Ashley McGuire

Girls can start in scouting when they are in Kindergarten, as a Daisy. “Daisy” was the nickname of Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of Girl Scouts. Daisies start out learning about the foundation of Girl Scouting, including the Girl Scout Law.

Daisies are the youngest Girl Scouts, but girls can start at any age, and all Girl Scouting levels are age-related. For instance, a new Girl Scout in the 4th grade would automatically be a Junior, not a Daisy. Girls can start at any age with a troop in their age group. Daisies are simply adorable in their little blue tunics, so if you have a little one, get her in a Daisy troop and take some pictures quick!