When is soccer season?
By Soccer Expert  Bryan Monroe

When is soccer season?
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Youth soccer has two seasons – Fall (main season) and Spring. The specific timing of your league will vary based on where you live.

Fall Soccer

Fall season starts in August/September and runs until Thanksgiving or early December, with a break for Thanksgiving. Competitive teams usually start practice in July to get ready for the season and may attend a few tournaments to get the teams geared up for the season.

Spring Soccer

If you live in a part of the country that is usually clear of snow by March, Spring season starts in March/April and runs through May/June. The colder parts of the country either start in May and run through July, don’t have a spring league or focus on indoor soccer.

Competitive soccer doesn’t have a spring season, although some teams practice in the off-season and attend tournaments over the summer to work on individual player skills. Clubs that are associated with a recreational league may encourage their players to play rec soccer in the spring to keep their skills up.